Mac and Dotti's Cabin

In the early 60s, my  father and mother purchased a cabin in Greer from a couple (Mac and Dotty)for use as the Kurtz family retreat from big city (Phoenix). Hand made by Mac and Dotty as their primary residence, their authorship was everywhere, including hand carved handles for cabinets and drawers and pennies pushed and their names scratched into their concrete work.
June 8, 2011 it burned to the ground in the Southwest United State’s largest wildfire ever. (S”WALLOW”ed in the Wallow Fire). It was about Ponderosa log walls, petrified wood fire places, fir floors, wood beams with the bark still on it, Ponderosa planks with lots of knots, red and black cinders, easter egg hunting in the forest, cleaning fish on the two inch thick thirty six inch wide solid plank kitchen counter tops, and almost fifty years of Kurtz memories (with grand parents’, parents’, friends’, siblings’, and children).

The value lost? PRICELESS 


topic: building design