Greg and Liz's Views

Though design guidelines are mostly about the exterior experience for the greater community, more important (in my opinion after approximately 7 years as the consulting architect on various design review committees) are the opportunities that the interiors and the enclosed private yards provide for a quality daily existence.

While some owners, designers/architects, and contractors might consider views from within the home a particular issue that is outside the realm of the design guidelines, I beg to differ. At least I think such committees are obligated to encourage design refinement as they see it, even if beyond the realm of their design guideline check lists.

Capturing a view of the distant mountains, even if one has to accomplish it within an upper level covered roof deck in order to see over the adjacent homeowner, is about quality living. Ultimately these qualities that enhance daily life in each home, collectively support the quality of life as a community. Opportunities for quality living encourage homeowners to stay and buyers to buy. Both issues good for the community. 


topic: building design