Phoenix Library's 10 second solstice

I recall Wendell's words "..a dagger of light…for just 10 seconds on each of the column candles…”(or something like that).


Many years ago, I shared the grand opening of this world class building (Burton Barr Library designed by architects Will Bruder, Wendell Burnette, and others) with respected Arizona architect and ASU professor George Christensen. We walked the project together level by level (Phoenix’s newest public structure that day and approved for occupancy). Unique in attendence, was the actress Janet Leigh, who played the woman in the shower in the 1960 movie”Psyco”. She was signing her new book about that experience.

Today, I again shared with the Phoenix community this annual celebration of the longest day of the year during solstice high noon, when light dazzels the interior of the “world’s largest reading room” in a special way for just 10 blinks of the eye.  I enjoy this event. I have brought friends and family on multiple occasions.

For me it is more about the gathering of people and less about the play of light(Though, I particularly enjoy the south light washing the east and west concrete walls). It’s an event of designers educating,  folks experiencing, and our planet spinning.


topic: building design