project managers' skills

I consider myself a "desert rat", so it is always nice to find an excuse for some "ocean time". In addition to enjoying San Diego, I just spent a couple of days focusing on improving my project management skills via  PSMJ Resources Inc. Improving skills is directly related to improving service.  Bill Kurtz Architects wants to  “exceed expectations” in how service is provided each client in the following ways.

  • Technical Quality:complete, accurate, and relevant
  • Documents:clarity in reports, drawings, and other documents
  • Timeliness: on-time delivery and expeditious completion of tasks
  • Value: value received based on actual cost of service
  • Dependability: consistent; promises kept, credible, and trustworthy
  • Creativity: development of innovative and cost-effective solutions
  • Cooperativeness:responsive, flexibile, approachable, and courtesy
  • Communication: listens to client, provides timely information on progress and problems
  • Attitude: highest priority given to solving each client problem cost-effectively
  • Professionalism: professional and ethical conduct by each staff member

topic: public art, object design, building design, landscape design