Spirit Rock's Common Area

about the design

For a gated residential development  in Payson Arizona, that includes 20 speculative home sites on approximately 40 acres, the developers commissioned us to design pedestrian access, restrooms, and a gathering area for common uses for a 2 acre area that includes a massive natural boulder outcrop known locally as “Spirit Rock”. 

  • We  proposed restrooms at the edge of the cul-de-sac, with high windows offering sink views of "Spirit Rock".
  • A path carefully meanders along the  natural topography linking  cul-de-sac parking to a neighborhood gathering area adjacent to “Spirit Rock”. The path is designed with minimal elevation change for accessible convenience. Local granite fill is to be stabilized within retaining walls of locally gathered/dry stacked granite boulders.
  • A shade structure composed of Arizona manufactured glue laminated beams and corrugated metal is allowed to rust. Purposely situated for views of “Spirit Rock”, while situated on the saddle between two high points of the property.
  • A bench, of locally rammed granite is proposed at the terminus of a branch path, close to the midrise size boulders.