Lillian’s condo remodel

about the design

As part of her portfolio of rental properties, Lillian purchased a  patio home within a gated community, where the prior owner appeared to be paranoid for safety from the adjacent Oak Street(solid walls,fixed metal screening, blinds, and curtains over the existing windows and doors).

With limited remodel dollars, Lillian wanted her property to attract seasonal renters(like a professional baseball player and his family).

In close proximity to various baseball facilities, her property is also  in walking distance  to some of Metropolitain Phoenix's most visited outdoor public spaces including the Phoenix Zoo, Papago Park, and the Desert Botanical Garden.





  • With limited funds, we proposed her priority design moves to include opening up the interior living and dining spaces for natural south light and panoramic views across the street to the spectacular Papago Buttes(one rolling blind, floor to ceiling butt glazed glass, with a single door for ventilation). New metal doors and window frames were specified in cold rolled unfinished steel, so the metal could naturally age(rust) inside and outside.
  • We updated interior lighting at the front door and the kitchen areas through Hinkley's Lighting, and we introduced furniture per Copenhagen Contemporary Furniture for cleaned line contrast to some of Lillian's family heirloom pieces.
  • Bringing the natural Papago Park views into the home, we matched interior paint colors to the granite rock cliffs(pink). 
  • Offering additional  Sonoran Desert experience, we also painted to capture the colorful Arizona Springtime blooms of ocotillo(red), palo verde trees(yellow), and santa rita prickly pear cactus(purple). Note some special detailing with  huge panels of painted drywall board (a layer of color floating separate from the interior walls by about a 1/2 inch).
  • Most important? "INSTANT RENT" .