Ron's Home Site

about the design

Ron commissioned us to demonstrate the potential for "good living" on his site , as a means to justify the value of his property within his listed sales price. Prior to our design involvement, rumor was that potential buyers were challenging the property as "unbuildable".

This site is  part of a special gated golf course community developed by respected international developer Lyle Anderson.

Adding credibility to this design concept, Bill had been employed by the community, as the lead design review architect for approximately 5 years.  Compensated to help maintain the quality and value within this Sonoran Desert setting, Bill's responsibilities included reviews in relation to the community design guidelines for over 60 new homes, around 100 remodels, close to 100 desert landscapes, and guessing 100 million dollars in new construction costs.

  • It's about capturing panoramic northward distant mountain views across a beautiful natural drainage way.
  • It's about creating privacy from the south community wall and the two story homes on the other side.
  • An offer was processed within 3 months, after these conceptual ideas were used to foster a sale. Prior to these drawings being used as a selling tool, this property had been for sale approximately 2 years.