Montlure Kids' summer camp

about the design

After Arizona's largest forest fire(the Wallow Fire), we were invited to lead the design for a new bath house and new bunk cabin for Montlure Christian Church Camp. Montlure is a 90 year old summer youth camp in Greer, Arizona along the east fork of the Little Colorado River in Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.

Located in Apache County, we have complete construction documents for each structure, which are county approved for starting construction.


  • a special forest experience within our Arizona White Mountains
  • covered gathering porches (summer rain, summer sun, winter snow, panoramic"post-free views from the building into the forest and across the camp)
  • locally harvested and milled Ponderosa Pine trees
  • locally manufactured block foundations, locally mixed concrete flooring
  • natural ventilation (feel the breeze, smell the forest)
  • natural lighting (filtered sun, dark clouds during an afternoon rain)
  • blending (not competing) with the existing built campus structures